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“The secret of our success on social media comes from the consistency we brought to all our social channels and in understanding our audiences.”

- Tony Cortizas, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing

  • As a next step, we’re looking to use social media for HR, sales, lead generation, internal brand advocacy, and social selling. Hootsuite is always providing us with advice, ideas, and solutions. The partnership helps us continuously achieve more with our strategy and product.

    Photo of Dennis Owen
    Dennis Owen General Manager, Branding and Social Media Hong Kong Airlines
  • Hootsuite was key in terms of helping us manage the social scalability of the #GoodTimesOutside campaign. We were trying to be hyper-regional and deliver local content to different areas of the country. To manage that on social you either need an army of people or you need a tool like Hootsuite.

    Photo of Ryan McKee
    Ryan McKee Brand Engagement Director MEC

80% of the Fortune 1000 rely on Hootsuite for social management

“We’ve automated what employees used to do manually and can detect sentiment that we previously missed.”

- Robert Willis, Manager, Social Media & Digital Content

What our customers say about us:

 Hootsuite is a game-changer

"Hootsuite does one key thing - saves us time! We are able to schedule content, report, review content and work across teams efficiently and effectively. Hootsuite also gives us next level social media monitoring that has been invaluable to our organisation."

Hootsuite user
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 Hootsuite is an excellent social media tool

"It makes the social world more manageable and measurable. I can manage all the profiles from one dashboard and am able to preschedule and automate content which is then measured with analytics. The team settings are also a fabulous help as multiple people can contribute and all be on the same page."

Hootsuite user in Broadcast Media
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 Great social network management service

"This tool immensely improves the management process of social networks. It is very easy to program and control the publications of multiple social networks in a single panel with an efficiency that I have not seen in any other tool."

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